Crating Rates

Crates are usually made with export grade (heat treated) 2″X4″ and 1″X4″ lumber and 1/4″ plywood. The dimensions of the¬†exterior of the crate will determine the charge. The minimum thickness of any crate will not be less than 6″ (a 2″X4″ fastened to a 1″X4″ on top and 1″x4″ on bottom) so be sure to add the thickness of the crating lumber when figuring your cost. Call 800-684-3894 for prices on crates that are over 200 CuFt or that will contain more than 1000 lbs of weight.

Due to the skyrocketing price of lumber please contact our offices for crating rates.

3rd Party & Other Service Rates

Washers Standard
Front Load
Origin $50 – Destination $25
Origin $115 – Destination $95
Includes brace
If brace is missing – add Cost+25%
GF Clocks Simple
Origin $125 – Destination $150
Origin $225 – Destination $275
Cleaning not included
Tubular Chime – Call for rate
Plasma/LCD TV Flat Scrn TV Box
Less than 45″
46″ to 65″
Over 65″
Pack $160 – Unpack $25
Crate $275 – Uncrate $95
Crate $425 – Uncrate $150
Crate $595 – Uncrate $225
Must be free-standing
Does not include dis/re-connecting
Other Services Shuttle
Elevator Carry
Long Carry
Stair Carry
Reg Time
Premium Time
$1.50/cwt/100 ft
$90 per Hr
$135 per Hr
$180 per Hr
2 Men-4 Hr Min
2 men – Add drive time
to and from Harlingen, TX