Household Moves

Jones Moving & Storage understands that no two household moves are alike, and as such, we take special care and consideration for any need that comes our way. To us, it doesn’t matter if your moving size is small or large in scale because we will always design an exclusive management system where your belongings will be relocated carefully and timely to your large home, no matter if it’s a local, interstate, intrastate or international request.

Considering Your Needs

When we take on a new moving request, we’re always open to suggestions and feedback from you because these are your possessions. Our promise to you is to deliver the best possible service where your satisfaction is the ultimate goal. After all, we’re in the business to make your moving needs as simple and convenient as possible, all within a reasonable budget that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Take a look at a few of the measures we take to ensure your satisfaction with our service:

  • Full-service packing
  • Careful packaging of fragile, valuable and sensitive materials
  • Loading and unloading of items
  • On-site assembly and installation of furniture and appliances



As one of the most recognized and well-established names in the moving business, Jones Moving & Storage is committed to providing you with a successful moving experience, no matter the location. For a local moving project, we will offer the service and attention that even the largest international move requires. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving one mile or 50, know that your belongings will be well-taken care of during the relocation process.


If you happen to be located in the southern parts of Texas but are relocating to the northern tip of the panhandle of the Lone Star State, then you can trust us with transporting your possessions. From the moment you request our service to when the last box of personal belongings is dropped off in your new home, we’ll always keep your satisfaction in mind. Our McAllen Moving Company can get all over the state including Brownsville, Harlingen, Corpus Christi and Laredo.


If you plan on leaving the warm weather of Texas to the cool, fresh ocean breeze of the east or west coast, then we’ll still be here for you. As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter where your new destination is, we want to be the ones to help you. Our movers can accommodate any moving and storage request, and if that means helping move your life across the nation, then we’ll be more than happy to do so.


We also offer world-class transportation services to customers planning on leaving the United States for a new residence across the border or overseas. We will provide you with a consistent client-satisfaction moving experience, and no matter the distance, we will never lessen your concerns or compromise the care of your belongings.