Long Distance Movers in Texas

Jones Moving & Storage provides intrastate (within Texas), interstate (state-to-state), and international moving services. We also include:

  • Packing and crating
  • Loading and unloading
  • Storage in our clean and well-maintained facilities
  • Final mile (white glove) delivery and assembly of commercial items

On interstate moves, Jones Moving & Storage is an agent for Mayflower Transit and has been moving since 1922.

Getting an Estimate

If you are moving to a distant city, another state, or to another country, then the cost of your move will depend upon the size of your shipment, the distance, and the services our movers will perform. Please request a “firm price proposal” before getting started.

If you opt for this pricing plan, a list of the items you wish to ship will be attached to the written estimate of charges. Only those items listed on the estimator’s inventory and the services listed on the quotation will be included in the guaranteed price.

Our driver will have a copy of the estimator’s inventory when he loads your goods, and if you ship extra items, you may be charged more than the binding amount. If you are unsure of which items should be moved or which services you’ll need, please request a “non-binding estimate”.

The final price will be based upon actual weight and the services provided. Be sure to get estimates well in advance of your move (at least two weeks ahead during summer and ten days during the off-season).

Additional Services

Most professional moving companies offer comprehensive packing and crating services. Your packing cost will depend upon the number of fragile items and personal affects you have and upon the cost of labor in your area. You can do the packing yourself, but our movers in McAllen may not assume liability if owner-packed items are damaged during transit unless you can prove otherwise.

If you are moving to or from a location that is not accessible to a tractor-trailer, or if you will require extra stop-offs to load or unload, additional service charges may apply. There are special handling charges for:

  • Satellite dishes
  • Golf carts
  • Pianos
  • Boats
  • Trailers
  • Playhouses
  • Doll houses
  • Spas
  • And other items of unusual weight or bulk


If you are shipping an item that requires extensive servicing or assembly, our movers may require you to have these items serviced or disassembled by a professional prior to moving.

This includes items such as:

  • Plasma televisions
  • Grandfather clocks
  • Satellite systems
  • Pool tables
  • Large wooden playhouses
  • Gym sets


Our van operators will not disconnect ice makers or washers and dryers, so unless you want to do it yourself, be prepared to hire a qualified appliance technician to prepare them for transit. If we hire a technician for you, we will add a handling fee for making the arrangements.

Loss & Damage Coverage

Regardless of how much care our McAllen moving company takes in protecting your goods, any time that furniture is handled, there is always the possibility that a loss or damage may occur. You may be asked to declare the value of your goods, so loss or damage coverage may be included in your proposal.

The cost of coverage will depend upon the value you declare and your choice of deductibles. Valuation coverage against mover mishandling or “all risk insurance“ is offered. Both forms of coverage have limitations and exclusions. Be sure that you understand the type of coverage you are purchasing and the terms that apply.

Payment for Moves

Rates and discounts are seasonal and depend on market conditions. Surcharges may be added or adjusted periodically. You may expect higher rates from mid-May through September. Until you sign a binding order for service, the mover’s rates will be subject to change without notice.

Unless you have pre-authorized payment by credit card or pre-arranged billing and credit clearance for a corporate relocation, the mover will expect to be paid in cash, certified check, or money order on delivery.

Personal checks are not accepted on long distance moves.