5 Red Flags to Look Out for When Searching for a Reliable Moving Company

When it comes to your move, finding a reliable and professional McAllen moving company to handle your needs can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The reasons can be many, from the reputation they’ve built to the services they offer. With so many companies out there claiming to be the best, you might be wondering how you can tell which you should be going with. Online research will come in handy here, as websites such as Yelp.com offer feedback from past customers. We’d like to provide five red flags to keep a lookout for when finding the right company.

It Doesn’t Follow Rules and Regulations

One thing that many people overlook in their search for the best McAllen moving company is if it follows all rules and regulations during a move. No matter how strict these rules are, they should always be followed, and if a company has been proven to ignore them in the past, then it’s best to move on with your search.

If your belongings are being moved within the state, state regulations will apply during the service. If you’re planning an interstate move, then the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a full list of registered companies to look at. Know that Jones Moving & Storage keeps up with and enforces all regulations within the moving industry.

It Requires a Payment Beforehand

If a company is requiring that you pay either a deposit or entire total before any services have been completed, then know that it’s time to reject them and move on. There should be no reason for a reputable McAllen moving company to require some form of payment up front before a service has even been completed. Jones Moving & Storage doesn’t require a deposit whatsoever, so know that your satisfaction is what we aim for.

Prices Sound Too Good to Be True

If a company you’re interested in has prices that sound too good to be true, they may be. In order for a company to analyze how much they’ll charge you for a move, they’ll more than likely perform an on-site inspection of how much you’ll be moving. If an estimate is given over the phone or online without an inspection, be aware that said amount can change. The cost of moving should not be taken lightly, and if something seems off, then move on.

Written Estimates Aren’t Offered

It’s important to know that, when talking to a McAllen moving company, you should always receive a written estimate. If the company refuses to honor your request, then this can cause problems down the road. Make it a priority to get a binding estimate rather than a non-binding one. This way, the estimate can’t be changed depending on discrepancies such as weight or other variables. If the company offers a low-cost, non-binding estimate, then it may change the final price of your move when the project has been completed.

Finding Them is Difficult

A professional McAllen moving company should always be operating out of an official commercial location. If it doesn’t, then steer clear. Many of these “companies” may be just simple, out-of-a-home operations that aren’t recognized by the Department of Labor. This means that it more than likely won’t operate under certain federal regulations, which goes back to our first point.

A Company You Can Trust

Jones Moving & Storage knows that it’s not easy to move, but with us, it can be. We welcome anyone to visit our facilities in the Rio Grande Valley. You’ll find no red flags with us, so contact us today to learn more about services.

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