3 Reasons Why Jones Moving & Storage is the Most Trustworthy Moving Company in McAllen

You might be thinking to yourself that setting up and running a moving company in McAllen isn’t difficult at all. However, imagine all of the hard work and dedication it takes to ensure that the personal belongings of customers arrive safely at their destination. Customer service is something we truly cherish here at Jones Moving & Storage. We know that without our customers, we wouldn’t be the success we are today. In this piece, we’d like to go over three reasons why we’re the best and only choice for your moving needs.

Being Environmentally Friendly

We know that the activities of large companies can be very harmful to the environment. We pride ourselves on being aware of this and strive to be different. We deal with large amounts of cardboard, Styrofoam and other materials daily. Instead of filling the city dumpster with massive amounts of trash, we reuse our materials and also sell what we don’t reuse. This assures that our environmental footprint is not large. We know that being environmentally conscious is extra work, but we do it because we care.

We Can Deliver and Install Your Commercial Items

Any moving company can transport items, but we go the extra mile. “Final Mile” is a service we’ve worked hard to perfect. It involves large companies reaching out to us to help deliver and install commercial items of different sorts. Whether it’s office equipment, electronics or laboratory tools, we can help deliver and install it in McAllen. We’re also wiling to cement our customer service by working with professionals to help our team members properly install these commercial items.

A Team You Can Trust

Nothing represents our company quite like our loyal and hardworking employees. We have the best staff and treat them like family. Some members of our team have been with us for over 30 years! This makes them such an important part of Jones Moving & Storage. Our company relies heavily on our customer service, and we’re proud of how we make every experience a great one.

We even train our employees in CPR and forklift handling to ensure that they have everything they need to do a great job. On top of that, we require routine drug tests to ensure that our company’s mission to transport your items safely and timely isn’t compromised. And, of course, we never take on a new employee without a proper background check.

Contact Our Moving Company in McAllen

We’re a moving company unlike any other that services McAllen as well as Corpus Christi and Laredo. We can also help with anything such as final mile, reverse logistics and warehousing. If you’re ready to have a trustworthy moving company help you, then contact us today!

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